How I faced AWS certified Solution Architect - Associate (SAA) Exam

May 18, 2019 • ☕️ 2 min read

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Recently I got so many questions about AWS certification from my colleagues. Considering all these requests here I am composing my next article about how I managed to get certification of AWS solution architect-associate.

I will try to make this post as brief as possible. Thus, I will present this in the style of a FAQ (frequently asked questions)


1. How long it took you to study and finish all exam materials?

It took me approximately 3 weeks to finish all the materials twice. Yes twice since I wanted to make sure that I am going to pass the exam. (This may differ from person to person. I was practicing AWS for a while and I could finish the videos within 3 weeks)

2. What are the materials you used?

I went through all videos from A Cloud guru program and highly recommend you to go through that kind of video course. I did practicals. I tried to build VPCs and stuff from memory. Try to follow white papers since those provide more instructions and best practices. Finally, try to find good artifacts and sample papers of the examination. I tried to finish those papers with the given time and tried to make it like a real exam. You can try your own and just make it more effective.

3. Do I need an AWS account to practice?

Duh. AWS provides one year of free tier which you can use to practice all most everything asks for an exam.

4. How difficult was the exam?

It was a little bit tough, to be honest. However, It’s not tough enough to fail someone who studied well and prepared for the exam.

5. Any Tips for the exam?

Try to practice labs as much as you can. Do them all if you can.